OFFROAD GROUP designs and delivers best disinfection services which safely and effectively eliminates all microorganisms and provide a long term sanitized environment for working and living.

We offer our surface disinfection services to Public schools, Malls, Hotels, Offices, Health Clubs, Commercial Centers, transports, Airport Technical sites, Spas, Quarantine centers and Homes etc....

Our services can be offered in a variety of ways, which include:

Wipe downs - Our cleaners will wipe down with disinfectant solutions all surfaces.

Fogging - Using the fogging method our specialist cleaners will cover all surfaces within the space/confined area, items in the kitchens, desk spaces and items on desks in offices and every nook and corner of a room/communal area.

With our 24-hour client support line, we are on hand to respond to any urgent Disinfection or sanitisation request.

Why Surface Disinfection Important ?

Disinfection Service Prevents or stops the spread of infection.

Germs are a part of everyday life and are found in our air, soil, water and in and on our bodies. Some Germs are helpful, others are harmful. Many germs live in and on our bodies without causing harm and some even help us to stay healthy.

An Infection occurs when germs enter our body, increase in number, and cause a reaction of the body.

Three Things are necessary for an infection to occur:

Source : Places where infectious germs live (Surfaces, human skins)

Susceptible person : with any way for germs to enter the body

Transmissions : a way germs are moved to the susceptible person.

Thus, the infected surfaces also play a major role in the escalation of disease.

Our Disinfection services

* Office Disinfection service

* Home Disinfection service

* School Disinfection service

* Construction Site Disinfection service


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